Nuts Processing Machine

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Over 50 Years of Nuts Processing Machine Supply | TSHS

Based in Taiwan, since 1965, TSUNG HSING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Nuts Processing Machine supplier in snack foods industry.

500 food processing production lines sold in 65 countries, TSHS is a food machine expert with over 52 years of experiences. CE certified, reasonably priced food processing machinery are industrial fryers, oil heating systems, seasoning tumblers, liquid mixer machines, liquid sprayer machines, etc.

TSHS has been offering customers high-quality food processing machines for green peas, nuts, potato chips, grain puffs and corn puffs, with total snack foods solutions. They represent trust, specialty, high-quality and safety specialization, which is where their name TSHS came from.

Nuts Processing Machine


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Nuts Processing Machine
Nuts Processing Machine

TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides manufacturing equipment for processing raw materials such as nut processing, frying, baking, roasting, seasoning and coating.
Nut snack foods are widely accepted and popular products all over the world. Both the Western and Eastern culture, and even different food cultures are accepted. Commonly used in processing methods are frying, roasting, drying, baking…etc. It is also divided into coating and non-coating.
Nut products are widely accepted by the people in the world's snack food culture, regardless of Western or Eastern culture, and the nut processed products are considered the most original item for snack foods. From the baking and frying of the nut products to the later derivatives such as coating with powder or liquid, garlic peanuts. Agricultural products such as peanuts, green beans, cashews, and almonds…as the raw materials, which are widely used and easily obtained all over the world, are fried or baked and then seasoned to produce snack foods that are suitable for all ages and delicious.
The finished-products of nuts on the current market could be classified by product category into coating with powder or liquid and without coating with anything; classified by ripening process into frying and roasting. According to the different processes and seasonings, the processing methods of nuts are kaleidoscopic and easy to develop new products. It is a product which could be worthy invested enormous time and effort in term of the industries of leisure food.


  • 200-1000 kg/hr
  • Depending on the desired frying time and product density.


  • The raw materials are easy to obtain, the process is changeable, the equipment is easy to operate, the taste can be sweet and salty, and the market volume is huge.
  • It can be produced in a small amount of semi-automatic production, and can also be produced in a large number of consistent operations, with stable quality and food hygiene.
  • Distinctive product features and high production technology value.
  • Flexible processing according to need.
  • Various capacity available.
  • Multi-purpose processing for various nuts.
  • Machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Flow Chart

Take the coating peanut and the fried green pea as an example, common process is as follows:
Coating Peanut
Raw Material (Peanut) → Peanut Shell Husking → Kernel Choosing → Screening → Roast → Powder Coating → Baking → Seasoning → Drying →Cooling →Packing
Fried Green Beans
Bubble Beans → Dehydration → Kill Jing → Soaking → Quantitative Feeding → 1st Fry → 2nd Fry → De-Oiling → Cooling → Packaging

Equipment Information Of Related Product

  • Different processes are adopted according to the raw materials.
  • Coating.
  • Non-coating.
  • The raw materials are processed after soaking in water.
  • The raw material is directly processed without soaking in water.

Product Features

  • Through the processing, the raw materials of nuts and beans are subjected to surface treatment, ripening, seasoning…etc. Generally, the processing method can be divided into processing (only for the raw material curing process, without any additional parts), and additional processing methods (just like the sugar or fruit powder).


1. Roasting M/C

  • Yield: 60kg/time, 180kg/time
  • Length: 243cm, 295cm
  • Width: 118cm, 134cm
  • Height: 192cm, 222 cm
  • Weight: 450kg, 680kg
  • Horsepower Requirements: 1HP, 2HP
  • Product specifications can be adjusted according to the production line.

    2. Coating M/C

  • Yield:24kg/time. (can could be increased)
  • Length: 98cm
  • Width:88cm
  • Height: 140cm
  • Weight:95kg
  • Horsepower Requirements: 1HP
  • Product specifications can be adjusted according to the production line.

    3. Flatten M/C

  • Specifications:Length 4695 ×Width 3000 ×Height 1653 (mm).
  • Texture:The outer frame is made of carbon steel and painted, and the internal part in contact with food is made of SUS304 #stainless steel.
  • Horsepower Requirements: 5 HP.
  • Heating system: Above the gas is the infrared fire tube WS-3202 × 16, and the bottom is the gas sub-fired fire tube.
  • Yield:About 60kg/time.

  • 4. Continuous Type Oil Fryer
    Product specifications can be adjusted according to the production line.

    5. Liquid Spray M/C

  • 1.Water jacket design, hot water circulation insulation.
  • 2.With stirring blades to avoid solids precipitation.
  • 3.The spray gun is diversified and can be adjusted according to fluid characteristics.

  • 6. V Type Mixer

  • Features:The raw materials are cross-coupled and separated by the rotation of the v type mixer.
  • V Type Mixer Appliance: It is suitable for the mixing of powders with small specific gravity such as pigments, dyes and medicines.
  • Operation volume:30%~40% of full capacity.
  • Texture: Mild steel or stainless steel...etc.
  • Special type:Internal installation of stirring wing or polishing.
  • Attachment: The v type mixer has the automatic positioning and discharging system.

  • 7. Separato/ ( Size Grader )
    The innovative design of the three-dimensional vibrating screening filter has a delicate and durable structure and low noise value. Not only improve the service life of the screen, increase the available screening area, but also reduce the loss and wear of materials during the processing.Up to five layers of sieve meshes can be installed in a single machine, and up to six sizes of material can be separated in a single operation.

    8. Multi-layer Conveyor Dryer
    Product specifications can be adjusted according to the production line.



    Sauté Peanut
    Coated Peanut
    Pan-fried Peanut
    Sauté Cashew
    Pan-fried Cashew
    Sauté Almond
    Pan-fried Almond

    Fried Broad Bean

    Fried Green Pea
    Coated Green Pea
    Fang Bao Pea
    Dinosaur Eggs
    Coated Pea
    Original Green Peas

    Garlic Green Pea


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      TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides a complete Corn Curl Production Line, from the processing of the raw material shape by extruding and inflating to be fried and seasoned. The Corn Curl Production Line of TSHS uses the corn, which is the simplest raw material and easy to obtain around the world. Shape by extruding and inflating, and then put into the continuous fryer and season it. It becomes the tasty snack and suitable for all ages. Corn grit, the raw material of the Corn Curl Production Line, having a special characteristic after mixed with water: It will become thick and hard by quick hit, but not by slow collision. Therefore, the Corn Curl Production Line uses this characteristic to mix and heat the corn grit and water, and then extrudes them by mold. Because of the steam inside contacts with air that increases the volume of the Corn Curl and to be extruded. At last, the striped tasty snack comes out and suitable for all ages. This product is widely used all over the world, and the well-known names are Twisty、Cheetos、KuKure、CornCurl.Most corn curls in the market are fried food. First, mixing corn and water, and then heating. Second, shaping and extruding by mold. Because the steam inside contacts with air that increases the volume. At last, the striped snack comes out.

    • Grain Puff Production Line - Grain Puff Production Line
      Grain Puff Production Line
      GP100, GP200, GP300

      TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides a machinery manufacturing, making the raw materials (grains like corn and rice) processing instantly into required shape, then baked and flavor added to be tasty snacks. The Grain Puff Production Line of TSHS is easy to control and economize manpower by automatic production line, and the equipment is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and accord to the requirements of food hygiene regulations. The whole production cycle uses rice or corn mash or other grains as raw materials, producing delicious products through the steps of mixing and humidification, grain bursting, cutting, drying or baking, and seasoning. By changing the mold, different shapes of products can be made on the same production line. With the injection machine, it can produce products with fillings, increase the taste of the products, suitable for all ages, and is one of the most popular snacks in the world.

    • Noodle Snacks Production Line - Noodle Snack Production Line
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      Noodle snakes (also known as snack noodles、 ขนมขาไก่、麺スナック、نودل سناك) are the bulk of the snack food market in Asia. Using the simple raw material - flour, which is easy to obtain around the world, mixed with water and other raw material to stir into dough, then stretched into crust, cut with a knife, and after frying and seasoning, it can produce the snack foods which are suitable for all ages and delicious. For casual food, the most common are fried noodle snack and crispy noodles. Among the long-term products in the Taiwan market, the most famous one are the “everyone says GOOD GOOD EAT” series products of Wei Lih Food company; In Japan is the Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snack of OYATSU company (ベビースターラーメン); in Malaysia is the New Star company's brand Snek ku is also quite popular; in the Thai market, the fried noodel snakes were made into the shape of chicken legs, let the word chicken leg (ขนมขาไก่) become a synonym for fried noodle snakes in Thailand. TsungHsing Food Machinery provides an automated, high-quality noodle snake production line is safe and hygienic, and can be produced easily and quickly.

    • Green Pea Production Line - Green Pea Production Line
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      TsungHsing Food Machinery is a professional manufacturer of Frying Green Pea Production Line equipment. Frying Green Pea is currently one of the most popular snack foods in the world. The more common ones are Garlic Green Pea and Coating Green Pea. TsungHsing Food Machinery provides automatic, high-quality and high-yield Frying Green Pea Production Line, and also develops special process combinations to reduce the damage rate of products during production. The most worrying customers are the quality of the products during the production of Frying Green Pea. In the production process, the increase in the defect rate of the product is often caused by the improper control of the frying temperature, which causes the customer's product to have burst of the pea or the different appearance. The continuous frying machine of TsungHsing Food Machinery uses a temperature-stable mechanism to help customers to prevent burst of the pea of the frying process and enhance the product quality.

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      TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) is a manufacturer of snack food production line equipment for processing potato chips from agricultural products. The Potato Chips Production Line of THSH is automatic, which is easy to operate and economizes manpower. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Using fresh potatoes as raw materials, the whole process of washing, peeling, slicing, washing, de-watering, frying, seasoning and other steps to make delicious potato chips. The crispy taste with different flavors and packaging, suitable for all ages, and it is one of the most popular snack food in the world. The Potato Chips Production Line of TSHS, with the continuous fryer as the core, is equipped with conveyor, washing m/c, peeling m/c, slicers, washing m/c, de-water device, seasoning device…etc, combined into automatic production line, which economizes manpower.

    • Fish Shred Production Line - Fish Shred Production Line
      Fish Shred Production Line

      TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides snack foods through the processing of production equipment for the processing of surimi as the main raw material. It is a derivative application of fish products. The Pollack Fish Snack can be said to be a classical Taiwanese snack, and many people have fond childhood memories of it. It is said that the pollack fish snack was invented by the Japanese and later passed to Taiwan. It was considered a high class import food that gradually became an important product in the surimi processing industry in Taiwan. Related applications are widely used in various Asian countries.

    • Pellet Snacks Production Line - Inflate (Pellet) Production Line
      Pellet Snacks Production Line

      Snack pellet generally refer to cereal, potato and bean with less water content as the main raw materials through the process of extruding, heating to increase volume itself. Due to fluffy texture of food, crispy and sweet, which is very popular.

    • Fish Murukku Production Line - Fish Murukku Production Line
      Fish Murukku Production Line

      TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides the equipment of the Fish Murukku Production Line. From the process of the raw material shape by extruding, to the process of frying, seasoning to finished snack foods. Murukku is the most popular and delicious snack in India and Southeast Asia. It originated in southern and western Indian cuisine. The earliest version of the snack is made by hand-kneading rice flour, flour, soy flour and seasoning. First, put into a small container the be extruded into a flat spiral, and then fried in vegetable oil until crisp. Today's food manufacturers also manufacture and sell such snack foods in factories, not only in India and Southeast Asia, but also around the world. In some areas, especially in the UK, fish murukku are often sold with processed snack foods such as potato chips.

    • Banana Chips Production Line - Banana production line
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      Providing the production equipment for banana processing, slicing, frying and seasoning of agricultural products.


    Nuts Processing Machine-Fava bean (broad bean)

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