Tsunghsing (TSHS) Machinery is the professional manufacturer of continuous frying machine and multi food dryer system equipment planning.


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Continuous Fryer - Multi-functional continuous frying machine

Continuous Fryer

Tsung Hsing (TSHS) is a manufacturer specialized in frying equipment. It has 55 years of rich experience,...

Snack Food Production Line - Whole Plant Planning And Turnkey Project Service

Snack Food Production Line

Tsung Hsing is a food machinery manufacturer. It has been sold all over the world since 1965. We serve...

Continuous Dryer - Continuous conveyor industrial dryer

Continuous Dryer

Tsung Hsing Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of continuous dryers in Taiwan. It has 50 years...

Seasoning System - Vibration Powder Sprinkler + Rotary Seasoning Drum

Seasoning System

We also offer peripheral products such as seasoning system for your choice except turnkey project, frying...

Other Food Processing Machine - Vacuum Oil And Water Separator

Other Food Processing Machine

We also offer peripheral products such as heat transfer oil heating system, and continuous de-fatting...

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Over 50 Years of Deep Fryer Machine | Snack Food Processing Equipment & Turnkey Project Supply | TSHS

Based in Taiwan, since 1965, TSUNG HSING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a food processing equipment supplier in snack foods industry.

500 food processing production lines sold in 65 countries, TSHS is a food machine expert with over 58 years of experiences. CE certified, reasonably priced food processing machinery are industrial fryers, oil heating systems, seasoning tumblers, liquid mixer machines, liquid sprayer machines, etc.

TSHS has been offering customers high-quality food processing machines for green peas, nuts, potato chips, grain puffs and corn puffs, with total snack foods solutions. They represent trust, specialty, high-quality and safety specialization, which is where their name TSHS came from.