AR Applications

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AR Applications

Food Machinery the Advantages of VR Technology:

The combination of food equipment and AR technology can project the 1:1 scale of the equipment, allowing the customer to simulate the corresponding position placed in the factory, and effectively solve the environmental problem without physical equipment. It can also introduce the equipment through AR projection, including equipment. The internal structure explanation, the functional type operation status, and the operation principle of the device are presented by animation, which effectively facilitates the explanation of the business personnel and increases the customer's understanding. For the teaching of equipment operators, AR projection display can also be used in the environment without physical equipment to teach the user the correct operation steps.

Introduction About AR and VR:

VR〈Virtual Reality〉 AR〈Augmented Reality〉

AR amplify virtual information into real spaces. The point is not to replace the objects, but to add a virtual object in the real space, displaying the corresponding virtual object by the combination of the display identification technology and the computer program.

Description Of Differences in VR and AR Functions:

AR tries to superimpose the information of the computer into the real world, let us get the correct information of the senses at the right time and place. VR attempts to replace the real world, creating a virtual 3D space environment through computer programs by the head-mounted VR display, or by interacting with the controller in a virtual environment, allowing users to experience the artificial 3D world. Under AR, it is augmenting information in reality.

AR VR compared

Comparison Of Customer Visits / Exhibitions:
Traditional WayIntegration with the Current TrendFuture Trend
Customer Visits ExhibitionsPresentationPhysical Device DisplayAR Technical AssistanceAR Projection Display
Advantage• Quality Assurance of Presenting equipment
• Immediately Understand the Size of the Device
• Explain device function with AR Assistance
• Immediately Understand the Operating Principle
• Optional Introduction Complete Presentation
• Excluding Unresolved Issues Caused by Non-physical Devices
• 1:1 Equipment Projection Technology
• Scale Down Projection for Easy Explanation
• Cooperate with the Device to Explain the Internal Structure of the Device
• Animation Mode Increases Customer’s Understanding
• Assistant Equipment Operation Teaching
• Associative Perception of the Exhibition, Value Adding Impression/font>
• Support for Simple Maintenance
• elp with After-sales Equipment Maintenance Instructions
• Remote Data Content Synchronization
• One to One Service Explanation
Dis advantage• Hard to Understand the Product Functions
• Unable to Boot to Show the Production Process
• Unable to View the Internal Structure of the Device
• Hard to Understand the Operating Principle
• With One-to-many Solutions, the Service Quality is Poor
• The Optional Introduction Cannot be Presented
• Unable to Express Device Quality
• Abstract Analog Device Size is Required
• Unable to Express Device Quality
• Abstract Analog Device Size is Required
Advantage Example Description with VR Technology

• Explanation Uses Only One Table
• Presentation to Scale
• Location Simulation
• Internal Structure of the Device
• Animation Presents the Principle of Operation
• Present a variety of optional operating conditions

Consumerism Application Example

• ikea:
In the past, we always relied on recollecting the appearance of the home to evaluate the size and color style when we visited a furniture store. These problems can be solved through AR. Digitizing more than two thousand IKEA products, you can simulate the appearance of these furniture through the mobile phone screen, allowing consumers to directly decide whether to buy.

AR Phone SimulationActual Placement

Through the APP device combined with AR (Augmented Reality), the car manufacturer allows consumers to match and design their favorite car exteriors at any time, and see the car body style, and adjust the matching function according to individual needs, and use animation to present the expected performance, so that consumers have a further understanding of the car performance. In addition, the trend of auto show is gradually matched with diversified marketing tools. For example, using AR technology to simulate the car body operation process, in addition to attracting consumers' attention, through the professional explanation, it can quickly enhance the consumer's desire to purchase, thus converting into effective Order.

Exhibition: Real Device Combined with AR TechnologyAR body Appearance
The Future Way of Exhibition

In the 21st century, technology is increasingly innovative, and it’s inseparable from life. Applying the current technology to the exhibition has become a new trend. Through the AR exhibition way, consumers can further understand the operation principle of mechanical equipment and achieve better customer interaction and effectiveness.

Traditional WayFuture Way
exhibition ARexhibition AR

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