Service process

TSHS have experience to provide more than 500 fried production line all over the world.

Service process


(1).Customer Contact: Understand the customer's situation and establish a good relationship with them.

(2).Feasibility Analysis: Analyze and evaluate the product, whole plant planning, equipment configuration, customer budget, and give appropriate planning.

(3).Quote: Provide equipment quotation.

(4).Technical Discussion: Solve the problems faced by customers, such as: production, color, appearance...etc.

(5).Bargaining: Both parties confirm the price required for equipment purchase.

(6).Letter of Intent: Establish a letter of intent for the sale and purchase cooperation between the two parties.

(7).Contract: The cooperation letter of intent confirms that there is no problem, signing the contract, and begins to enter the equipment planning and design.

(8).Design Confirmation: Provide equipment flow chart and production line layout for customer confirmation.

(9).Production: Design and manufacture the equipment after confirming that there is no problem.

(10).Factory Testing: After the equipment is completed, the customer is invited to come to the actual raw material online test and quality process inspection in the factory.

(11).Delivery: After the test is completed, the delivery is made in accordance with the trade agreement.

(12).Transportation: Optional modes of transport just like shipping, air transportation, etc.

(13).Installation: The technical engineer will go to the customer site to quickly install and locate.

(14).Cold Commissioning: Carry out equipment idle running test to confirm voltage stability, gas pressure and heating effect.

(15).Hot Commissioning: After idle runnin, putting into the raw material production test and teaching the personnel how to use it.

(16).Acceptance: Final confirmation of the customer's last equipment, production samples, etc.

(17).Warranty: TSHS provides a one-year global warranty service.

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