Infrared Drum Dryer

Dryer, Infrared Dryer, Continuous Drying Machine, Batch Drying Equipment / TSHS is a professional food machine manufacturer. We have exclusive patented heating system. Provided more than 500 frying production around the world. Also offer customized microwave industrial dryer.

Infrared Drum Dryer - Infrared Drum Dryer
  • Infrared Drum Dryer - Infrared Drum Dryer

Infrared Drum Dryer

Dryer, Infrared Dryer, Continuous Drying Machine, Batch Drying Equipment

Infrared dryer drums use radiation to transfer heat to the targeted object, eliminating the energy loss in traditional indirect heat transfer method using hot air. This technic save energy, heat up objects quickly, and shorten the drying time, thereby improving product quality and productivity. The rapid crystallization of materials is advantageous to the scheduling of production lines. The material linger time is adjustable according to the transmission speed of the drum to find the most suitable crystal drying time. Moreover, the conveying speed of the feeding screw is also adjustable to regulate the processing capacity of the machine.

IRD(Infrared Dryer Drum)

IRD Structure

1. Infrared radiant heater (heat lamp)
2.Spiral feed rotating drum
3.Material feed measuring system
4.Air delivery device
5.Electric air temperature control and detecting system.

Continuous First In/First Out Production

Material mixes as it moves through the dryer rotating at 1-5 RPM causing very little powder in this first in/first out system.

Protective air shield

The infrared equipment incorporates an air cooling device that protects the infrared tubes and prevents plastic particles from sticking. The air shield also extends the working life of the infrared tubes.

Precision Operating System

An infrared temperature sensor reads the exact material condition information. The user may select a human machine interface control (HMI) or a conventional control panel.

Infrared Dryer System Advantage

IRD Specifications


IRD Specifications

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