Small Size Continuous Conveyor Fryer (FRYIN-201)

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Small Size Continuous Conveyor Fryer (FRYIN-201) - Conveyor Fryer
  • Small Size Continuous Conveyor Fryer (FRYIN-201) - Conveyor Fryer

Small Size Continuous Conveyor Fryer (FRYIN-201)


Central Kitchen Fryers, Small Food Industry Fryers, Restaurant Fryers, Gas Fryers, Commercial Fryers

FRYIN-201 is a small-size continuous conveyor belt fryer. Which has three features: small volume, space-saving, and low energy consumption. It is suitable for large food stores, restaurants, central kitchens, and the small food industry first time entering continuous production.


FRYIN-201 small continuous fryer has the function of automatic elevating fume cover and conveyor belt. The design without manual disassembly makes the equipment easy to clean and maintain. The continuous fryer for central kitchen uses gas heating and a constant temperature control system. That could maintain the frying temperature and stable product quality. When the food store's conveyor fryer machine is overheated, the fryer emergency protection device will be activated to keep the operator's safety immediately. The restaurant automatic conveyor belt fryer has an internal online filtration and slag removal system, which can prolong the oil life and reduce the production cost. Tsung Hsing's FRYIN-201 small continuous conveyor belt fryer is suitable for many fried foods on the market with small output continuous production.

If you have the target requirements as below: traditional frying transfer automation, increase capacity, shorten frying time, enter continuous production at first, replace old equipment, add new production lines, reduce labor costs, optimize production environment, raise product quality or others. Please feel free to contact us immediately, we will provide you the consultant services soon.

TOP Five Advantages Of FRYIN-201 Continuos Fryer

1. Online automatic filter system can remove residues efficiently and prolongs the oil life.
2. Automatic CIP cleaning system make the machine safe and hygienic.
3. The burner built-in fryer has the characteristics of small size, space-saving and low energy consumption rate.
4. Automatic constant temperature control system can adjust the frying temperature by yourself.
5. The safety device is equipped with an ''emergency stop'' button, which can stop the equipment and protect the operator immediate
6. Fool-proof design of startup sequence to avoid safety issues caused by wrong operation and actions.
7. The intelligent control panel can adjust the production parameters by touching.
8. Real-time monitoring and management system to reduce production risks.
9. Record historical alarm can get fast repair and maintenance.

Introduce Video Of Small-size Continuous Conveyor Fryer

Machine Specifications

Size(LxWxH)mm2912x1245x1501Without coarse filtration
Size(LxWxH)mm2912x1681x1501With coarse filter
Effective frying spacemm2275x510x60 
Mesh belt widthmm500 
Conveyor belt heightmmDischarge height908 
Oil pump horsepower1HP50Hz/2HP60Hz 
Burner calories50,000 calories 
Oil capacityAbout 200L 
Mesh belt motor horsepower1/4HP 
Cover stroke547Screw lift: motor 1/2HP
Odor detection systemYes 
Coarse filtered formScraper conveyor 
CIP systemYes 
Peripherals / Accessories
  • Feeding M/C.
  • Online Fine Filter.
  • De-oiling M/C.
  • Vacuum Oil Water Separator.
  • Oil Cooling System.
  • Oil Drum Insulation / Cooling System.
  • Seasoning System.
  • Previous Stage Shaping System.
  • Meat And Seafood:chicken wings, drumstick, fried chicken, chicken fillet, crispy sparerib, chicken skin, cuttlefish balls, tempura, carrotcake, dumpling, potato croquettes, spring rolls
  • Frozen Food:chicken nuggets, french fries, fish bean curd, hot pot ingredients, ther semi-ripe frozen foods
  • Snack Food:shrimp cracker, nuts, bean, potato chips, banana chips, noodle snack
  • Vegetarian Food:plant meat,vegetarian meat, tofu, tofu skin, vegetarian noodle wheel
  • ※FRYIN-201 small continuous fryer is suitable for all fried food.※
TSHS provides the consultant food solutions

Tsung Hsing is a professional fryer manufacturer with 55 years of production experience. And has successfully developed a multi-functional continuous conveyor belt fryer. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and has obtained patent certifications in the United States, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and other countries. Currently, we have been sold to over 65 countries around the world.

If you have a fryer requirement, please fill out the inquiry form below.
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