Continuous Conveyor Fryer

Continuous Conveyor Fryer

Tsung Hsing continuous fryer machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which complies with food hygiene and safety regulations.

Industrial Multi-layers Dryer

Industrial Multi-layers Dryer

The multi-layers conveyor dryer is suitable for drying, dehydration, baking, and sterilization in various industries.

Whole Snack Food Production Line Planning

Whole Snack Food Production Line Planning

Tsung Hsing assumes a snack food production consultant. TSHS can provide customized designs according to customer needs.

Customized Seasoning System

Customized Seasoning System

The seasoning system can adjust the amount of powder, seasoning drum angle and speed according to the customer's needs.

Global After-sales Team

TSHS team provides high-quality pre-sales technical guidance, international after-sales service and operator training.

Customized Production Planning

TSHS provides whole plant equipment planning consulting services, and plant planning and configuration.

Snack Food Production Solution Consultant

TSHS's team provide production formula suggestion, equipment parameter adjustments and professional consultations.

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Variety Of Fried Food Categories Hot

Variety Of Fried Food Categories

Tsung Hsing has actual production experience in meat frying, vegetarian frying, soy products frying, hot pot frying... etc.

Snack Food Development Produce Planning Hot

Snack Food Development Produce Planning

Serving as a knowledge provider of food production and assisting customers development new produce planning.

Application Of Drying Products Hot

Application Of Drying Products

Suitable for drying, dehydration and baking. Welcome to bring product to TSHS do the preliminary feasibility analysis.