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Indonesia - Beans Fried Bake


I am an operator engaged in the sale and purchase of beans in Indonesia. I have been in this industry for several years. The revenue shows sustained growth in recent years. Though volume of business has been growth, there are more and more old machines in the factory with increasing repair problems. Therefore, I decide to give it a change from now on……

Actually, I always wanted to upgrade equipment to automated production in order to reduce the labor cost. On the other hand, I also hope that the new equipment would solve my problem about green bean shell broken.

I have always used equipment made in the U.S. However, the cost is definitely too hard for me. Moreover the following service and maintenance are not convenient. This is why I eager to look for new equipment and collaboration from other countries.

I had a nice impression in ALL PACK exhibition about Tsung Hsing from Taiwan. And then we left contact information to each other. After that, I started to connect the salesman in Tsung Hsing and discuss what we need and what we expected with them. I realized Tsung Hsing could offer me lots of information, data and knowledge about machines.

When I was still hesitated, Tsung Hsing invited me to visit their company and showed the machines for me without the slightest hesitation. At that moment, I felt full of profession、passion and confidence, and that’s why I made an order immediately. After that, from customized requirements to following machine service, all from them were definitely amazingly great to me and my employees.

I was satisfied with the cooperation with Tsung Hsing because they did not just sell the machines merely. Moreover, they cared about our production, cost and anything else including the detailed problems. Though our relationship were just buyer and seller, they always concerned us by calling us or sending E-mail. What they did actually made me warm, and after that, we had a closely connected friendship. One day if I had the request, I come to Tsung Hsing again to make a deal without a doubt.


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