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Over 50 Years of Corn Puff Machine And Equipment Supplier Supply | TSHS

Based in Taiwan, since 1965, TSUNG HSING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Corn Puff Machine And Equipment Supplier supplier in snack foods industry.

500 food processing production lines sold in 65 countries, TSHS is a food machine expert with over 54 years of experiences. CE certified, reasonably priced food processing machinery are industrial fryers, oil heating systems, seasoning tumblers, liquid mixer machines, liquid sprayer machines, etc.

TSHS has been offering customers high-quality food processing machines for green peas, nuts, potato chips, grain puffs and corn puffs, with total snack foods solutions. They represent trust, specialty, high-quality and safety specialization, which is where their name TSHS came from.

Corn Puff Machine And Equipment Supplier

Corn Puff Production Line

Puff corn、 Corn Cracker、Cheese ball 、ขนมข้าวโพดอัดแท่งแบบแบน、ขนมข้าวโพดอัดแท่ง、ขนมข้าวโพดอัดแท่งสไตล์ญี่ปุ่น、泰國捲、米果捲

Grain puff (Corn Cracker)
Grain puff (Corn Cracker)

Grain Puff Production Equipment

The whole production uses crushed corn or rice as raw materials. And this raw material is easy to obtain and low-cost. The production process: Put the crushed corn in Grain Puff Extruder. After that, the finished product from the extruder, then send to the Cutting Machine. The cutting machine provided byTSHS , it can adjust cutting and the feeding speed according to the product demand to control the length of the product. The other hand the mold can be changed in the same production line. It can produce a variety of products. More effectively saving equipment investment costs. In addition, it can match Filler Machine to produce the products which need to filled stuffing to increase product taste and product line abundance. The production process belong drying and according to customer needs to select seasoning.

TSHS provides comprehensive Grain Puff equipment solutions

Please feel free to contact us via the form below. We will happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products, services, and turnkey projects.

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