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Over 50 Years of Corn Curl Machine And Equipment Supplier Supply | TSHS

Based in Taiwan, since 1965, TSUNG HSING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Corn Curl Machine And Equipment Supplier supplier in snack foods industry.

500 food processing production lines sold in 65 countries, TSHS is a food machine expert with over 54 years of experiences. CE certified, reasonably priced food processing machinery are industrial fryers, oil heating systems, seasoning tumblers, liquid mixer machines, liquid sprayer machines, etc.

TSHS has been offering customers high-quality food processing machines for green peas, nuts, potato chips, grain puffs and corn puffs, with total snack foods solutions. They represent trust, specialty, high-quality and safety specialization, which is where their name TSHS came from.

Corn Curl Machine And Equipment Supplier

Corn Curl Production Line

Cheese curls、Cheese Puff、Kurkure、ขนมชีโตส、スコーン

Corn Curl
Corn Curl

Corn Curl Production Equipment

Equipment of TSHS corn curl production line is quite a simple entrance for into the snacks food industry. The raw materials of corn are easy to obtain, and it is a fully automated production line, so do not need the complex procedures. First, mix corn flour with water. And next, inflate to the specific shape. Match the classic frying machine of TSHS, so that the corn curl fragrant is more intense after frying, and the taste is more crispy. The oil temperature and frying time can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, and finally seasoned with peripheral equipment-"rotary seasoning drum". After seasoning, it can be packaged and sold immediately.
The corn curl production line is suitable for the production of "Cheetos", "KurKure"...etc. which are extruded from corn flour and then need to be fried.

TSHS provides comprehensive Corn Curl equipment solutions

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KnowledgeAbout Corn Ccurl

    Corn curl (Kurkure、ขนมชีโตส、スコーン) is one of the popular snacks. It is most widely known as the big brand ''Cheetos''.
   The corn flour and starch are being fried at a high temperature and inflated, and the appearance thus shows a pleasing
   shape of inflated long strip.
   Finally, the seasoning step, such as adding cheese, tomato flavor, etc., were the favorite snacks rankings for children.
   At present, many brands on the market regard corn curl as the main product line, such as Koike-ya(Japan), Cheetos(U.S.A),
   Hwa.Yuan(Taiwan), Calbee(Japan) and Kurkure(India).

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