Chip Product

Chip Product

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  • Potato Chips - Potato Chips
    Potato Chips

    The potato chips are snacks made from potatoes. They are made by cutting or rolling the potatoes into thin slices, then fried or grilled until they are crispy and seasoned. In addition to seasoning with salt, the market is different. Flavored potatoes are also flavored with different spices. It’s an important part of the English speaking national snack market and has been extended to become one of the best-selling snacks in the country.

  • Taro Chips - Taro Chips
    Taro Chips

    After the whole shape of the taro is washed and sliced, then fried it until being crispy. Finally, it’s placed in the seasoning drum according to the desired taste. It’s a famous souvenir in Taiwan, and the taste is crisp and refreshing.

  • Fried Sugared Banana Chips - Fried Sugared Banana Chips
    Fried Sugared Banana Chips

    The first method of banana chips production needs to cut two hard, unripe raw bananas into thin slices. Then spread the bananas and apply the granulated sugar and lemon juice on the surface, then fry them until the banana slices are browned on both sides. After the pan is cooled, the banana slices are crisp when completely cooled. Banana chips are a common snack in supermarkets with attractive golden yellow, crisp and sweet taste, which make everyone can’t stop munching at the it. You can put it in a crisper and store it once you can't finish it. It’s convenient to take.

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