Fried Foods

Fried Foods

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  • Fried Chicken - Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken

    Dominating the world's best food, every country's food can see the fried chicken, the charm is boundless. No matter how adults or children can't resist the temptation, everybody drool with envy by the aroma comes from the outside, and the crispy juicy taste.

  • Fried Pork-Chop - Fried Pork-Chop
    Fried Pork-Chop

    Fried pork-chops can be made from two kinds of methods: the first one is white fried method, the pork-chops are directly fried after marinated; and the second one is coated and fried after being marinated, and the fried powder also affects the appearance and taste of the pork-chops. There are three kinds of flour affecting the taste. The fried pork-chops coated in sweet potato powder have larger flour and thicker, while the fried flour has thinner flour and crispy taste. If there is no powder, it is directly eaten with the fiber of the pork-chop is firmer in taste. These three kinds of powder using are quite common, and they are selected according to their personal taste.

  • Crispy Sparerib - Crispy Sparerib
    Crispy Sparerib

    Taiwan night market culture is often attracted by crispy spareribs. The spareribs are fried to produce a pungent aroma, and the taste is crispy and chewy. It is a Taiwanese snack that everyone must buy. Later, the crispy sparerib soups are extended and fried. Fried crispy sparerib are added in the soup, and it’s one of the famous dishes which foreign visitors must try in Taiwan.

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