Customer Service

Customer Service


Professional Service

Provide Whole Plant Output Consulting Services:

  including: Customers' investment is more secure by the feasibility analysis and risk assessment.

Provide “Production Knowledge”:

We can make production technology transfer, provide production parameters and assist with product improvement and formulation adjustment.

Hot Commissioning Service:

It is rare in the world and has a test space of 2,000 square meters. The complete raw materials are put into production test during the hot commissioning before the equipment is shipped.

Complete Spare Parts Storage:

All of the important spare parts have safety stocks to effectively reduce the loss of temporary equipment failures.


High Quality After-sales Service

We provide excellent equipment services to customers all over the world, including perfect after-sales service, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, production line adaptability, operation teaching, whole plant equipment consultation, and provide warranty for one year free warranty or replacement service.

Inspection:Technical engineers visit countries and will conduct annual inspections from time to time.

Troubleshooting:Assist troubleshooting.

Maintenance: Online maintenance and repair instructions.

Adaptation of the production line: If you encounter problems such as stuck materials, accumulated materials, etc., the professional will optimize the solution

Equipment operation education training: Teaching related personnel machine operation

Whole plant equipment consultation: Provide related professional knowledge about the production line.


Equipment Maintenance

Provide Annual Inspection Service and Train Operators Every Year:

TSHS arranges technical teams to go to the customer's factory for maintenance services. In order to further understand customer's mechanical equipment usage, and arrange the operator's education and training to provide complete customer warranty service.

Efficient Technical Team:

If you can't eliminate the situation immediately when the equipment fails, you can immediately call the company's online service line. TSHS will assist you to make preliminary troubleshooting on the equipment. If it isn’t resolved, our technical team will immediately go to the customer's factory for maintenance, so as to minimize customer losses.

Automatic Equipment Prevention Function, Providing Fault Warning System:

The equipment of TSHS is equipped with a remote (equipment) fault warning system, which allows the maintenance and operation of the equipment to follow. At the same time, the device has a complete fault record, which can effectively provide personnel to repair. And the device provides an automatic detection system. When the frying condition is out of control and the personnel does not provide a response within 1 minute, the system will automatically detect and turn off all power operation and combustion functions, in addition to reducing equipment damage and preventing fire alarms.


Vice President of Want Want Group-Mr. Liao Qingzhen congratulates TSHS(TsungHsing) already established on 50th anniversary

President of Panpan Food Group-Mr. Cai Jinnan congratulates TSHS(TsungHsing) already established on 50th anniversary

Foreign manufacturers congratulate TSHS(TsungHsing) already established on 50th anniversary

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