New Product Launch, 2019

New Product Launch, 2019

2019/08/01 TSHS

R&D New Project, Upgrade The Fryer

How to provide customers with continuous and uninterrupted frying of sugared products for a long time, so as to achieve the highest production capacity, has become the primary research and development direction and problem-solving goal of TSHS. Based on market demand and overcoming the problems caused by traditional frying, TSHS has introduced the new machine product of 2019, the continuous sugared fryer, with the latest technology.

The continuous sugared fryer is suitable for a large amount of sugared snack foods. It uses a heat medium heating system to provide a stable heat source, effectively and evenly fry the sugared products. Through the exclusive design principle, caramelized impurities produced by the sugar water and oil are precipitated to the bottom and no longer interfere with the operation of the equipment, thereby achieving the requirements of continuous and mass production.

fried weak point

When you were frying, you got the following problems:

  • Large amount of residue causes decrease oil life
  • Because of Caramelization, Equipment get damaged easily.
  • It takes a lot of manpower, the final output is small
  • Unable to produce continuously
  • Then you can refer the new R&D equipment from TSHS. Solved the traditional frying problem effectively and lead the frying to new fields, so that you can create more commercial value.

    APPLICATIONS:Syrup Snack Food and Coated Snack Food

    banana chips  banana chips banana chips

    • Continuous Deep Oil Fryer for Syrup Coating Product - Continuous Deep Oil Fryer for Syrup Coating Product
      Continuous Deep Oil Fryer for Syrup Coating Product

      Fried sugared snack foods are popular in the Southeast Asian market and are the primary choice for many snack food manufacturers trying to develop new products, but sugared products are both loved and hated by producers because of the condensed impurities due to the mixing of sugar and oil. There are many problems in the production process.

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