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China-Encounter With The Sachima-Continuous Frying Machine


How little the opportunities would be? To meet someone who thinks being just the way you are is enough to blow that person’s mind and without actual words necessary to understand each other.

We had an opportunity by chance with the Taiwanese manufactures to go to China's famous leisure food factory for technical cooperation. The manufactures in China had been created by brothers from Taiwan. Focus on the production of snacks such as sweets, pastries, sachima, chocolate and jelly pudding. The sales and market share have always ranked first in China.

Then, Tsung Hsing was the role of the subcontractor. Assisted in equipment maintenance and planning about the factory. It attracted purchasing agent‘s attention of our production department by accident. So we came to Tsung Hsing for discussing the equipment about sachima’s problem. We needed a large number of powder when making sachima. Therefore, it would pile up the extra grease in frying. And we care about the equipment of filter and the food quality seriously. The original equipment would stop working until in one stage, because we had to clean the equipment every four hours later. The situation hadn't been fixed for a long time and also wasted lots of manpower and time.

Especially, we arranged an interview with Tsung Hsing in Taiwan for discussing the technical problems about equipment. In order to have an opportunity for improving the both issues that included amount pile of grease and the equipment had been cleaned every four hours later.

Tsung Hsing is good at continuous frying machine several years. It has been improved continuously according to their years’ experience and they have unique research of technology. Using with continuous fine filter made from Tsung Hsing that automatically excludes pile of grease effectively. As a result we can make sachima twenty-four hours. On the other hand, we didn’t need to clean equipment every four hours later anymore. The volume of equipment made by Tsung Hsing is smaller about thirty percent than original equipment. Besides, there are more empty space we can use. Such as buying more equipment to raise productivity up. To sum up, we totally satisfied with cooperation with Tsung Hsing. Afterwards, we bought three production lines of sachima. And expressed the willingness for cooperation continually in the future.

Tsung Hsing is grateful to cooperate with the famous leisure food factory in China. Then, we communicated to each other and shared the experience or impression about the equipment. However, it would make us create full of different possibly.

Finally, the company of Tsung Hsing is willing growth with you.



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