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TSHS have experience to provide more than 500 fried production line all over the world.

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  • Potato Chips Production Line
    Potato Chips Production Line

    TsungHsing Food Machinery is a potato chips production line machine manufacturer and supplier. TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) is a manufacturer of snack food production line equipment for processing potato chips from agricultural products. The Potato Chips Production Line of THSH is automatic, which is easy to operate and economizes manpower. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Using fresh potatoes as raw materials, the whole process of washing, peeling, slicing, washing, de-watering, frying, seasoning and other steps to make delicious potato chips. The crispy taste with different flavors and packaging, suitable for all ages, and it is one of the most popular snack food in the world. The Potato Chips Production Line of TSHS, with the continuous fryer as the core, is equipped with conveyor, washing m/c, peeling m/c, slicers, washing m/c, de-water device, seasoning device…etc, combined into automatic production line, which economizes manpower.

  • Potato Chips Machine And Equipment Supplier
    Potato Chips Machine And Equipment Supplier

    The potato chips are snacks made from potatoes. They are made by cutting or rolling the potatoes into thin slices, then fried or grilled until they are crispy and seasoned. In addition to seasoning with salt, the market is different. Flavored potatoes are also flavored with different spices. It’s an important part of the English speaking national snack market and has been extended to become one of the best-selling snacks in the country.

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