Improve Coated Nuts Processing-Batch Roaster Machine (Thailand)

Thailand coated nuts processing / TSHS have experience to provide more than 500 fried production line all over the world.

Improve Coated Nuts Processing-Batch Roaster Machine (Thailand) - Thailand coated nuts processing
  • Improve Coated Nuts Processing-Batch Roaster Machine (Thailand) - Thailand coated nuts processing

Improve Coated Nuts Processing-Batch Roaster Machine (Thailand)

Coated Nuts Processing should be done with high-quality equipment, we can solve problems for our customers. Provide food production consulting services, food whole factory production planning, and international professional after-sales service.

Cooperate Process

The first choice for Thai souvenirs is powdered peanuts. Tsung Hing is honored to cooperate with a well-known local manufacturer of powdered peanuts in Thailand and become the manufacturer's equipment supplier. Ten years ago, Tsung Hing Co. and the manufacturer met at the Thai Food Show. At that time, the other party had no new equipment requirements. The relationship between the two parties was only at the stage of visits and product introductions. In the process of continuing the establishment of the relationship, the two parties further got to know each other and deepened the manufacturer's trust in Tsung Hsing, which made Tsung Hsing the best choice for the manufacturer's equipment supplier. Tsung Hsing Co., Ltd. plays the role of equipment supplier and consultant in the execution of the customer's equipment replacement project. Customers are troubled by the problems caused by the current situation at the time: 1) The equipment is too old, resulting in a high failure rate and difficulty in obtaining repair parts; (2) Insufficient production capacity can no longer meet the order volume; 3) Poor swelling of old products, resulting in The taste of the product is not crispy enough; (4) The problem of uneven firepower, insufficient heat energy and energy waste. For the above problems, the roasting equipment provided by Tsung Hsing Company can solve the problems. The roasting equipment of Tsung Hsing Company can be divided into upper and lower fire heating. The heating uses infrared rays. The radiation penetration makes the heating direction better. Bottom heating: The lower fire uses gas infrared, which uniformly heats the temperature of the fry pan through heat conduction, and the rotating diameter of the fry pan is large. The special design of the flip cone can make the product flip smoothly, and it is not easy to be damaged during the roasting process. The feature of automatic feeding and discharging can save manpower while maintaining stable product quality. In addition, because the customer’s powder coating technology is not mature, the product size is uneven. Tsung Hsing also acts as a production consultant, and through technical exchanges with customers, assists customers in making adjustments to their powder formulations and improving the powder coating process to make the products coat. The bulkiness is improved, and the taste is crispy.

Customer Feedback

After detailed description of the business and technical guidance, Tsung Hsing established a bridge of cooperation with the manufacturer. Due to the high quality of the roasting equipment and the high-quality equipment installation and after-sales service provided by Tsung Hsing, it has been vigorously recognized by customers, and three more orders have been added in just one year. This is a great affirmation for Tsung Hsing. Tsung Hsing said: "Becoming the strongest backing for customers is our most important mission."


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