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TSUNG HSING is known for its brand TSHS which represent trust, specialty, high-quality and safety. It provides professional services, high quality products, safe and hygiene equipment that customers trust and establish a good brand image. With the concept of frying machine expert and world first brand, we have multi-national patent and quality certification, continue to innovative R&D and design, optimize food automatic production line plan, pursue higher intelligent machine equipment, and reach customers and International market demand.


Company history process

TSHS was established in 1965. Main products are drying machine and deck oven for domestic customer. In the early stage, Chairman Xie Wanxing developed the first deck oven in Taiwan under the name of Wan Hsing Food Machinery, and extended the single machine equipment such as gas bread oven, dryer and chemical machinery, oven...etc.

In order to pursue more environmentally friendly and low-pollution efficiency, the first infrared oven in Taiwan was developed in 1973, at present, the market share of infrared ovens in Taiwan has reached 90%. Due to the rapid growth of business volume, it was renamed as "Tsung Hsing Food Machinery " in 1979, and a new factory was established in Nanzi, Taiwan in the following year.

In 1982, Mr. Hsieh Mu-lin, the general manager of TSHS, officially took over the team of the company, and led the team to develop automatic drying equipment, continuous ovens and continuous frying machines. The food processing industry in Taiwan quickly moved to a fully automatic production line, and the continuous fryer was developed in 1990 which had been certified by the ISO, CE, Taiwan Excellence Awards and the public by the newspaper media.

TSHS continued to develop food equipment every year, and in 2001, it began to cooperate with Taiwan Industrial Research Institute and Taiwan Food Research Institute to study Taiwan's first industrial microwave equipment, and continuously optimize equipment functions and professional production. Our company successfully launched the fryer expert series and obtained multi-national patents in 2010. Nowadays, our company has successfully entered the 50th anniversary. The source of the customer's countries have reached 65 countries. In the future, it will continue to go global and become a milestone in the Asian brand.


Company history


Developed the first deck oven in Taiwan


Cooperating with Taiwan Industrial Research Institute and Taiwan Food Research Institute to develop continuous industrial microwave equipment


Successfully developed Taiwan's first infrared heating technology oven


Successfully developed the expert series of fryers, and obtained many patents from the United States, Germany, etc


Developed and Researched drying machine and continuous oven


The 50th anniversary of the establishment of TSHS, laying a solid brand positioning in the world


Development of continuous fryer


Using PDM to manage product data and process-related information in a single, central system


ISO9002 certification


Won the Taiwan Excellence Award with the national quality


CE certification


Augmented Reality Science and Technology Exhibition completed

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