New Launched FRYIN-201

TSHS is a professional food machine manufacturer. We have exclusive patented heating system. Provided more than 500 frying production around the world. Also offer customized microwave industrial dryer.

New Launched FRYIN-201

17 Jun, 2022 TSHS

● FRYIN-201 High Cost Performance_Continuous Fryer_Provide Rental Service
Tsunghsing's team developed the FRYIN series fryer. And have the exclusive two high and three provinces design concept of inner furnace type. TSHS's continuous fryer machine has beyond the traditional batch fryer.

Tsunghsing is a leader in the frying machine industry. We will develop an entry-level continuous fryer in 2022, with an oil capacity of about 200 liters, which is suitable for food stores/central kitchens/restaurants with small output or new into continuous frying production food industrial.

FRYIN-201 Small-size Continuous Fryer

Enter the continuous production market at an affordable price. The "small volume, space-saving" FRYIN-201 fryer. Suitable for small food industry, central kitchens, restaurants, food stores, schools, etc.

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