TSHS- A professional manufacturer of frying machine.

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  • Banana Chips Production Line
    Banana Chips Production Line

    Providing the production equipment for banana processing, slicing, frying and seasoning of agricultural products.

  • Liquid Sprayer
    Liquid Sprayer

    TsungHsing Food Machinery (TSHS) provides continuous seasoning equipment production. The spray seasoning equipment is mainly designed through the special design of the liquid spray nozzle, which can completely spray the seasoning liquid on the product, and then evenly wrap the seasoning liquid on the product through the turning of the seasoning drum, which is suitable for the fully automatic production line. Since the seasoning state of the seasoning liquid must be maintained, we designed the jacket insulation of the seasoning process to ensure the quality and taste of the seasoning liquid, and can flexibly adjust the functions of the equipment according to the time and requirements of the customer. We use high-pressure pump to absorb seasoning liquid, well-distributed spray on products and make it delicious. Common products are mainly used as follows: Spray seasoning: According to the customer's product requirements, adjust the speed and range of the seasoning spray to achieve the seasoning effect, such as Kuai-Kuai food products.

  • Conveyor Type Liquid Sprayer
    Conveyor Type Liquid Sprayer

    Through transporting the product on the conveyor belt, the seasoning liquid, created by the special nozzles on the top and bottom, sprayed evenly on the product. Raw material saving by collecting and recycling which can be done simultaneously below. In the process of food processing, the seasoning liquid or the powder coating and the sizing can be attached or coated on the surface of the product, which can increase the taste of the product, and in a broad sense, can be said to be a product development method. Even on the surface of the bread flour, it became a well-known Japanese food in Asia: fried tempura.

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