TSHS- A professional manufacturer of frying machine.

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  • Green Pea Production Line
    Green Pea Production Line

    TsungHsing Food Machinery is a professional manufacturer of Frying Green Pea Production Line equipment. Frying Green Pea is currently one of the most popular snack foods in the world. The more common ones are Garlic Green Pea and Coating Green Pea. TsungHsing Food Machinery provides automatic, high-quality and high-yield Frying Green Pea Production Line, and also develops special process combinations to reduce the damage rate of products during production. The most worrying customers are the quality of the products during the production of Frying Green Pea. In the production process, the increase in the defect rate of the product is often caused by the improper control of the frying temperature, which causes the customer's product to have burst of the pea or the different appearance. The continuous frying machine of TsungHsing Food Machinery uses a temperature-stable mechanism to help customers to prevent burst of the pea of the frying process and enhance the product quality.

  • CHINA - Fried Fish Crackers、 Green Pea
    CHINA - Fried Fish Crackers、 Green Pea

    A well-known snack food group officially invested in the mainland China market in 1992, and the current operating focus and major profits are from mainland China.

  • Fried Green Pea Machine And Equipment
    Fried Green Pea Machine And Equipment
    Fried Green Pea Production Line

    resistance. The suggestion for patients with low immunity is to add the right amount of green peas to their daily diet for the significant benefit to the body. It’s rich in protein and calcium, so it can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis for middle-aged and elderly women. In addition, eating green peas regularly can keep the body from defecation. Because green peas are rich in high fiber, and it can effectively relieve constipation symptoms.

  • Coated Green Pea Machine And Equipment
    Coated Green Pea Machine And Equipment
    Coated Green Pea Production Line

    Before being fried, the green peas will be screened and put into cooking, then dehydrated and then coated for secondary soaking, so that the green peas taste rich fragrance. Then the green peas are de-oiled to remove excess oil. Finally, the cooling process, which makes the green peas taste more crispy, is one of the legumes snacks that everyone must taste.

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