TSHS- A professional manufacturer of frying machine.

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  • Continuous Microwave Hybrid Fryer
    Continuous Microwave Hybrid Fryer

    The continuous microwave hybrid fryer developed by TsungHsing Food Machinery (THSH) is suitable for frying a variety of products. It can overcome the products that traditionally require long-term frying, such as meat products, products with thicker product sizes. Do both internal and external heating. The equipment meets food hygiene, and with simple operation, safe equipment, improved innovation, and more sophisticated equipment. Microwave frying, in the application of food heating, is a new type of application. In addition to its own frying oil heat energy, it can heat the fry from the outside to the inside and use the microwave second energy to quickly heat the fry from the inside out ripening.

  • Taiwan -The good partner of fry tofu
    Taiwan -The good partner of fry tofu

    Speaking of fried tofu, everyone first thinks of Japanese-style Agedashi tofu, wrapped egg tofu in flour and egg liquid and fried it until the surface is golden which tastes crispy outside and soft inside.

  • Australia - Fried Tofu - Continuous Oil Fryer
    Australia - Fried Tofu - Continuous Oil Fryer

    「After knowing TSHS, it is so amazing to realize that Taiwanese manufacturer has the high quality of equipment and the outstanding capability, even my father praised TSHS for the ability.」 We met Daniel in July this year, and Australia was winter, we sat around and chatted together at the heating living room.

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