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Taiwan -The good partner of fry tofu


Speaking of fried tofu, everyone first thinks of Japanese-style Agedashi tofu, wrapped egg tofu in flour and egg liquid and fried it until the surface is golden which tastes crispy outside and soft inside. Bean curd is the traditional cuisine in Taiwan such as vermicelli with bean curd、marinated bean curd and bean curd with minced meat are the specialty cuisine in Taiwan.There is a well-known manufacturer in Taiwan who specialized in producing fried bean curd. At that time, there was a serious of food scandal in Taiwan, but it didn't affect them, they still stood steady. It is known as the final conscience of Taiwan’s food industry.

Tsung Hsing has good relationship and cooperation experience with them for more than 30 years. We assist them to solve problem like slow temperature heating, output insufficiency, when they started the old-fashioned replacement project, they came to us. We design a fried tofu producing line for them, the continuous oil fryer and fine filter made by Tsung Hsing, the design of real-time monitoring analyze various numerical analysis which solve the original equipment problem and reduce labor cost, increase service life of oil, oil temperature stabilize which improve product quality.


They control upstream and supply of raw material strictly, established laboratory independent testing. They are the role model in Taiwan’s food industry. In this cooperation, Tsung Hsing assisted them to meet the international food hygiene HACCP standard, after acceptance process completion we accompanied them to produce. If they are the guardian of the food safety then Tsung Hsing is the guardian of the guardian. Your trust is our responsibility.


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