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Middle East - Seasoning recycle system -seasoning (Sesame) recycle


Date Palm grows up in the desert, is well-known as Desert Bread or Green Gold. It has a fantastic position in Middle East countries. Date Palm has high nutritional value, contains much of vitamins, minerals and natural sugar. It is able to supply our body for enough nutritional need. For Muslims, Date Palm is the best choice in fasting month. In the fasting month, Muslim always eat some Date Palm after sunset. So Muslims call Date Palm as Fruit Of Life.

In the end of 2017, Middle East customer contacted our company by sending inquiry on Internet. The customer wanted to do seasoning in the process of Date Palm ball within sesame powder. Actually the customer faced some problems, like hiring too many workers, capacity limit, and uneven product seasoning. So they need us to assist them to solve the problems.

In order to manufacture the good quality seasoning system machine by customer need, our company begin learning to make Date Palm ball. We keep updating all the process and do testing for product. In that period, we discuss with our customers in all steps. We do many tests to make sure the final product is perfect then we begin to do shipping process. This seasoning system help customer improve manpower cost and capacity limit problems now. TSHS also do them a favor to supply the extra recycling hopper to recycle the seasoning powder, and save much of the company cost.

Customer decide to use FOB to ship the container, then our sales still call the customer to care for the shipment detail every week. It appears that TSHS really cares of our customers in Middle East and satisfy our customers really well. Customers say they are really surprised and happy for such a awesome service from Taiwanese company. They will continue to cooperate with us in the future.


The customers from Middle East are really caring about the relations between us. In Middle East countries, people bring more opportunities to the people they trust . This will help our company get more contracts by customers introducing.

TSHS cares about the profession and trust, in this project, we are customized by our customers.  We care all the need from them. We are also really surprised by customers praise and encourage, we will make all our effort to improve and satisfy customers expectations in the future.

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