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Australia - traditional manual fry savior - Continuous Oil Fryer


「After knowing TSHS, it is so amazing to realize that Taiwanese manufacturer has the high quality of equipment and the outstanding capability, even my father praised TSHS for the ability.」 We met Daniel in July this year, and Australia was winter, we sat around and chatted together at the heating living room. 

Daniel is the owner of the bean food processing manufacturer in Australia, they produced fried tofu, soy milk, tofu pudding; a few years ago Daniel found TSHS from Internet, and we keep good relationship with each other even Daniel had no demand to buy machine from us at that moment.   

Daniel’s factory used the electric fryer, they fried tofu by manual.

One year in summer, Daniel saw their staffs stood in from of the cauldron to fry tofu, and everyone was sweating bullets; considering of staffs, Daniel decided to abandon the manual way to fry tofu. To create a better working environment, Daniel allocated a budget to purchase equipment to improve automated production.     

Even if Daniel knows TSHS and trust them gradually, buy the auto-equipment is not a small amount. Therefore Daniel also looks for the well-known American & Japanese &TSHS manufacturer to evaluate, after careful evaluation, under the same production conditions, American equipment is too expensive, Japanese equipment is too long to take up a lot of space, only TSHS meets the three conditions of price、production、space.      

Before Daniel make an order, Daniel contacts TSHS by E-mail only; originally TSHS has the itinerary to visit Daniel but due to the weather factors causing the aircraft to cancel. Never meet each other and fried tofu raw materials such as bricks, Daniel’s father really doubts about this investment.

After TSHS salespeople and technicians completed equipment installation、 calibration and actual production, everyone was unexpected (including Daniel’s father). Because tofu has high water content, it makes oil temperature unstable easily, TSHS fryer, it is not only solved the productivity、manual problem but also solved oil temperature unstable problem.

In the past, Daniel says that their staff has to work 5-6 days a week and 8-10 hour per day. Sometimes have to work 7 days, but it is still not able to cope with the required product, after using TSHS’s fryer, the working days are shortened to 2-3 day per week and can receive more order, otherwise, staff’s life quality can be improving.


Now, Daniel manage his own company and also doing OEM work!Daniel says it is really glad to cooperation with TSHS, thus they have trusted equipment partners, if the order continues to increase to expand the factory in the future, he will invite TSHS to participate in the expansion of the production line!


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